Our Innovation

Healthy nutritious pulses are now a tasty functional food ingredient

Foods from the Earth engage a highly controlled, patented process to create 'free from' products. Our chemical-free method naturally releases the innate nutty flavours within pulses like mungbean, faba bean and chickpea. The grassy, astringent taste commonly associated with pulses and legumes becomes undetectable, and the taste profile sits on a spectrum ranging from neutral to nutty.

The true benefit of this innovation lies in evidence the nutritional profile of the pulse is relatively unchanged throughout the process. Therefore, we are able to produce flours, kibbles and paste that possess comparable (and in some instances, enhanced) nutritional benefits to raw mungbean, faba bean and chickpea. 

Accordingly, our innovation delivers two core functions - 1. it ensures taste is no longer a barrier to the benefits of pulses, and 2. it safely enables those with nut allergies to experience nutty flavours.

The anti-allergenic function of pulses like mungbean complement the innovation. There is a history of the pulse being used in traditional Chinese medicine to remedy the unpleasant symptoms of wheezing, hives and eczema.