Our Mission

Foods from the Earth is a speciality raw material food ingredient and food product manufacturer committed to removing the risk and isolation experienced by allergy sufferers.  Our mission is to provide functional pulse-based foods and food ingredients that are tasty, nutritious, low-allergen and compatible with food sensitivities.  Like our customers, we are focussed on safety, health and wellness and are dedicated to providing allergy sufferers with greater variety in the food and grocery market.

Foods from the Earth's mission to support allergy sufferers, their family, and friends is backed by patented technology that transforms pulses like Mungbean, Chickpea and Faba Bean. A unique, chemical-free production process enables us to balance the often competing values of taste, nutrition and cost-efficiency with ease.  The ensuing 'free-from' ingredients and food products possess mainstream taste profiles, yet maintain a high level of nutrition.

This ABC Landline episode 'Mung beans : Money beans' features our company and our innovative use of Australian-grown mungbeans. 




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