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Foods from the Earth's raw material food ingredients include flour, and kibble of various sizes. These products enhance flavour profiles by adding the sensory characteristic of nuts. Alternatively, neutral flavours can complement existing recipes by boosting a product's nutritional profile and inclusion ratio.

The processed raw material food ingredients are available in:

  • mungbean
  • chickpea
  • faba bean 

All products are available in a range of flavours, from neutral to nutty. The nutritional value of the raw pulses is maintained throughout our gentle process.

Foods from the Earth food ingredients can be used for inclusion in products such as:

  • Spreadable pastes
  • Sauces and toppings
  • Baked goods
  • Meat products
  • Baby food
  • Health food supplements
  • Aged care products
  • Health beverages
  • Dairy based food products
  • Health bar, snack bar
  • and more...


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