Frequently Asked Questions

The Process

What is a pulse?

The terms 'pulse' and 'legume' are often used interchangeably, however pulses are the edible dried seeds of certain legume crops. Common pulse crops are chickpeas, mungbean, faba bean, green and yellow peas, lentil, navy bean and the like.

How do you neutralise the astringent taste of pulses, and activate a nutty flavour?

Unfortunately that information is subject to a world-wide patent. We can, however, tell you that we use heat treatment to release the nutty flavours that are pre-existing within a pulse. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the process.

How is the nutritional profile maintained throughout the process?

We use a natural, gentle process that maintians the nutritional integrity of the pulse. In fact, our process enhances the nutritional values of  manganese, phosphorous, iron, zinc, fibre and carbohydrates.

Where are the products made?

All Foods from the Earth products are made in Brisbane, Australia from Australian farmed mungbean, chickpea or faba bean. Our products and our processing and packaging facility is free from nuts, eggs, gluten, soy and crustacea. We have supply chain traceability and allegenic declarations in place.

Can I get raw pulse flours?

Yes the full range of raw pulse flours are available under our strict quality assurance program.

Wholesale Orders

Where does Foods from the Earth ship to?

Foods from the Earth ship locally and worldwide. Contact our sales team to arrange international deliveries.