Notnuts : Safe, tasty alternatives to nut spreads

The Foods from the Earth Notnuts range of spreadable pastes is not available through our online shop. This range provides safe alternatives to traditional nuts spreads, and consists of:

  • Notnuts Smooth Butter 
  • Notnuts Crunchy Butter
  • Notnuts Sugar Reduced Butter
  • Notnuts Chocolate Spread.

Notnuts ensures those with nut-allergies don't have to miss out on nutty flavours, and entire households can enjoy nutty flavours regardless of one's allergy. Notnuts is suitable for use at institutions with nut-bans, providing greater options for lunches and snacks at child care centres, schools and work places.

Whilst these products are safe and nutritious alternatives to traditional nut pastes, Foods from the Earth has not endeavoured to create replica products. The pastes are inimitable by virtue of their own delicious flavour, unique health benefits, and state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Find a stockist near you or contact one of our wholesalers if you would like to stock our products or shop online with us.


This ABC Landline episode 'Mung beans : Money beans' features our company and our innovative use of Australian-grown mungbeans.


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